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The Greatest Story Never Told!
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The Greatest Story Never Told!

The Greatest Story Never Told!

The story I will tell goes back numerous years, a long time. It begins in what today is known as Germany. There was people, with no strings of the supposed Annunaki. They had earthy colored skin, their eye-variety was brown and they was what we today call the cave dwellers, or the neanderthals. They lived in a crude sort of way of life. One dey there was no more food to chase, so they chose to move out of "Germany" looking for another livable region.

Unexpectedly they saw a white bison. Despite the fact that they didn't have the information we have today, they may as yet recall and learn. They realize that they had never in their long periods of presence seen a white bison. They chose to follow the bison, since it gave out a vibration of security, and not dread as every one of the earthy colored ones. They followed it for a long walk, numerous days, even long  how to join the illuminati online of time maybe. On one occasion they came to a sea. Their chief reviled the Buffalo and said "We confided in you, and you drove us to an impasse? What are we expected to do now?". Abruptly the Buffalo moved its shape and transformed into a delightful Angle (remember that point is an equivalent word for courier). The Angle advised them to assemble boats and cross the sea. It likewise said that they would find two islands, one Big and one more modest, yet they should just pause and inhabit the more modest island.

They did as the Angle said and went out on an excursion to find the more modest island. In any case, there they settled down and carried on with a decent life, or so apparently. The ladies of the island had an inquisitive edge that should be leaped off from. In the night they assembled the ladies that needed to go along with them on an undertaking and took the boats they required, which they showed up in, and set out for a revelation experience. They needed to track down the Big island and see what was there.

After certain long stretches of cruising they at last showed up at the Big island. Incredibly, they observed that there was different kinds of human there, they were a couple of feet taller, their skin was white, their hair was light and their eyes were blue. One of the most amazing energy to the "neanderthal" ladies was that they had progressed both innovative and profound perspectives to a mark of non-fanciful extents. The "neanderthal" lady became keen on their lifestyle and, to talk to be honest, became stirred of their secret. Something that all people share for all intents and purpose: we as a whole become keen on either an adversely or emphatically design, in all that is new or not yet perceived. So a portion of the locals of the Big island additionally became beguiled by the "neanderthal" ladies' temperament.

Whenever the two societies had came to an arrangement of how to convey, the Natives uncovered that this city was called Atlantis. Now that they could impart, they could get to know one another better. A significant number of them had sex and made in each of the 13 children together.

Very few years had gone by since the "neanderthal" lady's appearance. While the Women were all the while conveying the 13 children in their belly, The Creator of Atlantis visited the city. To its bothering, he found that the "neanderthal" ladies had overlooked what the Angle had said, and carried on to the Big island. He ended up being likewise irate at the Atlantians that had permitted sex to happen and infants to be created, since he had advised them to keep their hereditary code in thoughtfulness at all expense. The Creator said "when the children are conceived, this city will be annihilated, and you will live as the manner in which the new period of time chooses", yet before he would obliterate it he would deliver different sorts of human to adjust up the 'boat they had shaken for ever'.

The first of the new people had green eyes. They had a characteristic comprehension of how nature functioned and how to allow it to function. They were known as the "Green-Thumbs"

The second race of people were known as the "Bricklayers". These are the ones who was additionally called "neanderthals" before the adjusting from the Creator. They had a characteristic comprehension of how to develop and fabricate.

The third race had blue eyes, light hair, and a characteristic association with the Godly-domain. They could know data about the future and the past and the present, was more flawless with their internal and external being. These are the healers, the shamans and was enlivened by the past Atlantians. They were known as the "Illuminati" meaning the "edified one".

The fourth and last race was from the 13 children that came from the "neanderthal" ladies and the Atlantians. They had turned into a result of corrupt aftereffects of the sex that happened. They were a combination, yet not in the caring way. They looked for power for all expense and were extremely defensive of their interesting bloodline. They are the ones that make connivances to make their general surroundings after their preferring. They didn't get a name, however their combination of the 3 other eye-tones would be the shade of their eyes.


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